We are the San Diego Regional Group of the Power In Nature Coalition

Project Name

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OVRP Location
OVRP Skyline
proctor valley 2
proctor valley 1
Descanso Ranchlands flower
Descanso Ranchlands landscape
bioreserve landscape
Bioreserve poppies
biodiversity reserve cacti
Famosa Slough Wetlands
Famosa Slough Education
Famosa Slough birds
El Salto Primary
El Salto trash
El Salto 5
El Salto 4
El Salto 3
El Salto 1
Harvest hills proposed layout
group cleanup mission bay
Salt Marsh Mission Bay
White bird mission bay
BTR pond view
BTR Pond View 2
BTR Meadow
BTR Birds Eye View
broadway creek
Broadway creek flooding
desert flowers anza borrego
Borrego Badlands
Anza-Borrego Desert Sunset
Batiquitos Lagoon trail signs
Batiquitos Lagoon viewpoint
Batiquitos Lagoon flowers
Mission Bay
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About This Project


Who is proposing this project?

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Supporting organizations:

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What is proposed?

Collective action is key to protecting the huge variety of natural wonders that San Diego has to offer. Together, we can protect biodiversity, take real action on climate, and create equity by conserving San Diego’s lands and waters for future generations.

Project Location

Why is this project on the 30×30 list?

Scientists say protecting 30% of our land and coastal waters by 2030 can protect and restore California’s natural places for plants and animals, help keep our ocean clean, and restore needed balance to our environment. An overwhelming number of Californians support this goal. Now, we need to work together to take regional action—and leverage this moment to foster more equitable access to nature in San Diego, as well as the benefits of climate resilience and biodiversity.

Project Timeline

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How will this project be completed?

From vast beaches to golden hills, San Diego has a lot to protect – which is why we need a lot of us to protect it. Our coalition includes community groups, conservation organizations, land trusts, and Native American Tribes across the region working hard to protect San Diego’s lands and waters so future generations can enjoy nature.